Facemelt101: The Art of Gloving is the first program of its kind – a full course curated by professional glovers, designed to help you become the best glover you can be by giving you a strong foundation and understanding of concepts from which you will build, create, and hone your own unique style of gloving – your flow.

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What is Gloving?

“Gloving is a communion between body and soul, to express what is beyond words… and to melt face.”

Gloving is…


Gloving gives us a new and beautiful method of expression.


Gloving thrusts you into the present moment where anxiety melts away. This meditative state that has been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health.


Gloving is about connecting with yourself, with other people, and with the music.

Good Vibes

A way to spread those good vibrations!


Gloving exercises creativity, which increases creativity in all other aspects of life.


Gloving can activate your flow state - a mental phenomenon of peak performance which induces time dissolution and feelings of euphoria.

And anyone can learn! Check out our gloving course, Facemelt:101 The Art of Gloving.

Course Features

Course features:

  • 1.5 hours of face-to-face class per week, with take-home exercises and regular feedback reports to track your progress;
  • A fun and relaxed learning environment;
  • Experienced instructors;
  • Intimate class sizes (6 students max) to ensure that each student gets the attention and guidance they require;
  • Use of in-house gloves during class (as needed);
  • Exclusive access to our community and training materials;
  • End of course graduation ceremony and class excursions; and
  • A Free Flow-Jo T-Shirt upon graduation!

(Private, semi-private, online, and custom courses available upon request.)



(4 Classes)
  • This section is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a bonafide lightshow artist in only one month. You will gain a strong foundation and understanding of fundamental concepts from where you will build your gloving. Here’s a sample lightshow of some of the things you will learn in this section:


(5 Classes)
  • This section is designed for glovers with some experience in gloving and must be familiar with the concepts taught in the beginner courses. Here, you will be introduced and guided through a bulk of the concepts that will allow you to further create your own style of gloving and find your flow.
  • [Flow-Jo Intermediate lightshow]


(3 Classes)
  • Here, we dive even deeper into the concepts learned in the intermediate section and explore the possibilties created by combining these concepts. Upon completion of the Advanced course, graduates will receive a free Flow-Jo shirt.

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