I think it’s a powerful thing to be able to make someone smile by doing something we love.

The unique and powerful connection you can make with a complete stranger for those 2 or 3 minutes as they give you their complete and undivided attention, and you give them yours. You’re both transported to a place where only the lights and music exist. Then once it’s over, you hug it out and wish them the best as they disappear into the fog and laser beams.

I glove for others. I continue to strive to improve so that I can give better lightshows. It’s a gift that we are able to give freely without expecting anything in return. The joy of giving in its purest form.

I also glove for myself because it’s therapeutic. I have a problem articulating thoughts and feelings, so a lot gets bottled up. Gloving is a way for me to let some of that out. I also enjoy getting lost in the labyrinth of shapes and patterns and I use it as a mindfulness and mindlessness practise.

Gloving changed my life in a big way. It gave me the courage to follow my heart when I was at a major crossroads a couple of years ago. I found so much value in gloving and believe in it so much, that I knew even if I lost everything… as long as I could give lightshows, I’d be ok.

I believe that what we do is beautiful and that it’s valuable and I want to share it with as many people as possible while I still can.

tl;dr; I glove because I love it.